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Frederik Palshøj

Admin ansøgning Frederik

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I spillet navn: Frederik Palshøj

SteamID32: STEAM_0: 0: 175621746

Your real name: Frederik Palshøj
Your age: 13
Who are you (Name, Age, Class, How are you as a person) I'm a happy person I
'm in 7th grade My name is Frederik and my age is 13  Do you know about ULX?:
Yes I have had my own server and I have been staff in the mermaid (! Goto (! Tp How many others Do you have previous experience as administrator on a DarkRP server? If yes, please expand details (Rank, how many hours where Stor var serveren?) Remix has nøgne personale Inde in havfrue who said JEG has also had min own server mænd the was not ret opbeva
Hvorfor skal vi choose grave ?: Altid drømt om på can be personale ind in jers server
Remix has about 1000 timer på Jeres server
What can you offer on the server, as the others can not? I'm good I do not like my friends any formula I'm Staff I'm happy to help other people At what times do you have the opportunity to
be on? Example. "Onsdag skal jeg til fodbold, så jeg kan ikke". I can be on all days from 12 o'clock to 8 and in the weekends I can be at 10 o'clock at 10
o'clock else we need to know about you? (ADHD, ordblind eller lignende): Jeg er ordblind

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